Ladies of HOG


The Clermont Chapter’s Ladies of Harley (LOH) enjoys many planned activities such as: riding our bikes, shopping excursions, luncheons, and pajama parties. Our LOH group of ladies helps out the chapter when needed and join in with special charity runs.LOH typically holds one (1) meeting each month. These monthly meetings are announced through e-mail from the LOH Officer and are POSTED on the Event Calendar found on the web site. CHOG LOH members should make sure that the LOH Officer has your most current e-mail address.

Ladies do not need to own a bike to participate with the chapter LOH. Many times, the husbands or significant others bring their ladies to our scheduled outings and rides. LOH is for the purpose to get the ladies together for fun and a safe ride.

For additional information, interested chapter ladies should contact the LOH Officer.

Ladies of Harley