Volunteer Road Captains: explains safety briefing to riders doing an organized
ride, ensures the briefing in explained thoroughly especially to new riders,
collects waivers and signup sheets for the activity officer.

Although H.O.G. does not require road captains to be present on each planned chapter ride, it has been Clermont HOG Chapter’s practice to require the minimum of one (1) road captain and one (1) sweeper on each chapter ride for safety purposes. Experienced riders who desire to become road captains should contact the Head Road Captain. Your willingness to help out as a road captain or sweeper will be very much appreciated.

Active Road Captains are currently recognized through ROCKERS on their vest. A PIN will be added to the rocker for each 9 rides to recognize service rendered by the road captains. Once a cluster of 4 PINS is achieved, a more pronounced PIN representing 45 rides is awarded replacing the cluster.  This award process continues for each cluster earned by the road captains.


Road Captain Orientation (rev. March 2019)

Explanation of Table Dance (July 2020)

Table Dance (rev. Feb 2021)

Short Table Dance (July 2020)

Ride Sign Up Sheet

Release – Adult

Release – Minor

Risk Acknowlegement by Minors

Injury Report


Road Captains – if you find or do not find your name on the active road captain roster due to error or omission, please e-mail the Head Road Captain to inform him of your active or inactive road captain status.
Thank you for bringing any discrepancies to our attention.

Trish Carlson – Head Road Captain
Rona Armitage
Mike “Pokey” Bates
Gloria Berger
Richard Berger
Andre Bolduc
Ralph Boots
Bill Dalton
Ken Goff
Sue Irish
Mike McBride
Bob McDaniel
Sandra McDaniel
Dick Menke
Ron Menke 
Mike Perham
David San Filippo
Larry Sjoblom
Steve Smith
The assigned Road Captain takes to the TABLE for all group riders to see and hear. The “Table-Dance” is a pre-ride safety briefing with any pertinent instructions for the riding participants, including route info, special hazards, and hand signals to use during the ride.

Head Road Captain
Trish Carlson