The Clermont HOG Chapter prides itself on SAFETY while its members Ride, Have Fun, and Make Friends for a Lifetime.

This safety page is provided as a reference resource only to its chapter members. Resources selected are from known authoritative sources such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Basic Rider’s Course Handbook, Florida State Motorcycle Handbook (Division of Motor Vehicles), and Harley-Davidson USA Safe Riding web site.

The chapter is always open to suggestions or concerns about rider safety. Matters of safety should be brought to the SAFETY OFFICER’s immediate attention or by e-mailing the Safety Officer.

The below safety resources and reference guides are just that and should never replace common sense when conditions change. Riders should NEVER go beyond their skills, knowledge, abilities or their riding experience when hazardous road conditions, inclement weather, or other extraordinary circumstances exist or potentially could result.

Please feel free to click on the following resource reference LINKS which may take you to another web site or provide you with a document for downloading:

Clermont HOG Chapter’s Safety Handbook Supplement  UPDATED 2016

Group Riding Video Clip [10 minutes] NEW

Group Ride – Tips, Hand Signals, Staggered Intervals

Quick Tips Motorcycle Riding Safety

State-by-State Helmet Laws

Florida Motorcycle Handbook – DMV NEW 2013 Edition

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Web Site

Motorists Awareness Tips

50 Ways To Save Your Life

Harley-Davidson USA – Safe Riding Web Site

Ride Smart Florida

Mike “Grumpy” McBride – Safety Officer